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Are you in the right place?

Well you are if you’re one of these…

A solo creative – freelancer or staffer – who wants a change. You might be a web designer, a developer, an illustrator, a copywriter, a marketer or a photographer. You like the idea of setting up your own agency, but you don’t want the expense and responsibility of having staff and premises. You probably don’t want to spend every waking hour working. And maybe you simply don’t know where to start.

Or one of these…

You already have your own small agency, but you need a bit of inspiration, or some help to make it grow – or maybe just wish to connect with other agency owners.

We’re here to help people like you

Whether you’d like your own small agency or already have one, the KitchenTable Community is a place you can call home.


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Premium content

Join the KitchenTable Community as an Associate Member and you’ll get loads of free content to inspire you on your journey to running your own agency. Become a Full Member and you’ll get much more:

  • Free access to our online course
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Get work

The KitchenTable Community is designed to help you thrive. Full membership helps you grow your business opportunities:

  • Answer ads on our project board
  • Add your agency to our talent directory
  • Find collaboration partners
  • Grow your agency network
  • Give and get referrals

Great deals

Become a Full Member of the KitchenTable Community and you’ll not only have access to useful content and a marketplace – you’ll also get great deals on things that can really help your agency to soar:

  • Software
  • Professional services
  • Membership of other useful organisations

Peer support

As an agency owner, it’s easy to feel that you’re battling alone.

The best thing about membership of The KitchenTable Community is that you’re part of a wonderful family of like-minded agency owners dedicated to helping each other.

As a Full Member you’ll have access to our online meet-ups and our multi-channel Slack group, where you can seek help from your peers, share ideas or just let off steam.

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