A home for the best small agencies

A place where small really is beautiful

The KitchenTable Community was founded in 2020 to serve two markets.

The first is the owners – or would-be owners – of small creative agencies. They might do anything from branding to digital build, marketing to video. What they have in common is a flexible, agile model that’s well-adapted to the realities of the post-Covid economy.

The second is organisations that need agency services. For them the community provides a halfway house between unaffordable large agencies and unmanageable freelancers. By subscribing they can access our member’s directory and post jobs on our projects board.

More than a marketplace

The Community isn’t just about trading services. For our agency members it’s a peer-to-peer support network, which offers loads of useful content and deals on products and services.

For our corporate subscribers it’s a place where they can build long term relationships with trusted suppliers.

First and foremost though we’re about values. They’re what define our community and what make us special.


If you have a small agency – or would like to have one – learn more about how we can help you here.

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