Our Mission

We’d like to change the world (just a bit)

Our mission is at once simple and grand. It’s to change the landscape of the creative industries by fostering a new generation of agencies. Specifically KitchenTable agencies – those that employ remote-working freelance talent and don’t need offices.

The mission is founded on a simple equation: people do their best work when they are happiest, and they tend to be happiest when left alone and given the freedom to base their career around their personal needs.

KitchenTable agencies harness that dynamic to everyone’s advantage – clients, employees and the agency owner themselves. They aren’t a cheap and cheerful version of bricks and mortar agencies, rather they’re a properly evolved, future-facing alternative.

Our mission also recognises four modern realities:

  • The Covid-19 upheaval has forced millions of people to work from home. Many of them won’t want to return to office jobs and sadly many others won’t have jobs to go back to.
  • The conventional office-based employment model excludes huge wells of talent, in particular working parents, digital nomads and the geographically isolated.
  • The environmental crisis means we should all be commuting less.
  • For many, particularly younger people, the boundary between work and leisure is evaporating. Put simply, they don’t want to be tied to an office when they can work from their favourite cafe or beach bar.

To address these realities, all businesses need to transform their approach to employment. KitchenTable agencies are leading that transformation.  They exist to make great work and to make work great.   

We said at the top of the page that our mission is to change the landscape of the creative industries. As you’ll have realised, it’s actually it’s about more than that. It’s about making the world of work and the world in general a happier place.

We told you it was grand.

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