Our Values

We are a community


There’s really no such thing as ‘going it alone’: you are setting up a KitchenTable Agency but you are far from alone.

Being part of a community is ultimately what will make you a success. And being part of a community is what we’re all about.


You’ll be helping others succeed and, as they grow, they will be passing you referrals, advice and resources.

Mutual back scratching is fun: it feels good and beats straining to reach that itch.


When you join the KitchenTable Community you are committing to the values that we all hold.

These are the glue that binds us together and the magnet that attracts more great people to our community.

Shared values are the foundation of our strength and the secret to your agency’s growth.


The rules we live by

‘You will find only what you bring in.’
– Yoda

If you join the KitchenTable Community you’re making a simple but important commitment to honour and promote our five golden rules.

1. You’re part of the community

The KTC is designed to help agencies thrive, so it has a marketplace at its core.
But we’re more than just a marketplace – we’re a community of like-minded people who help and support each other, and we stand for something bigger than individual gain. So, by signing up you’re pledging to be a good neighbour.

2. You’re bigger than just you

You must have an agency, even if it’s a tiny one, because you’ll be selling your services to other members and teaming up with them on projects. They need to know that you’re more than simply a freelancer and that, if required, you have reliable people who work under your banner to your high standards.

3. Play fair, price fair

We’re all here to make a good living, but we don’t do that by ripping off our clients, fellow agencies or our employees.
Don’t charge as much or pay as little as you think you can get away with – and always charge and pay what you promised. Recognise that everyone – your suppliers and clients included – needs to make a living. If you put people before profit, you’ll be a welcome member of the community. If you’re cut-throat you’re in the wrong place.

4. Keep it friendly

Your clients and freelance suppliers have one thing in common – they want their working day to be as nice as possible.
If you bring a little sunshine to their lives, they will want to work with you and everyone gains a little special something. So always be as friendly as positive as possible, even when things get difficult.
On the subject of which…

5. Don’t blame, fix

Things sometimes go wrong. People make mistakes – you will, your employees will and your clients will. The true test of any business is how it responds to difficulties. Our mantra for the tough times is ‘Don’t point fingers, provide fixes.’ And keep a smile on your face as you do it. Your clients and freelancers will thank you for it.

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