The Backstory

A word from our founder John Ashton

Back in 2012 I was a freelance writer who was no longer satisfied with freelance life. I needed more – more time with my young family, more money and more enjoyment. But how?

Then I had the bright idea of starting my own copywriting agency. A bright idea sure, but I had no clue how to bring it to life and no money to employ staff and rent offices.

So, I decided to establish a virtual agency – one that I could run from my kitchen table. It would employ freelancers who worked from their own kitchen tables – or maybe their garden sheds or favourite cafes.

Taking the plunge… without a lifejacket

I still had no clue how to go about it. But then I did it anyway. It was sink or swim and sinking wasn’t an option.

Somehow I made it work. Within a few years my agency, Write Arm, was turning over around half a million pounds a year.

Throughout that journey I maintained the same virtual model. I call it the KitchenTable Method, which became the title of my book. I’m convinced that it’s the future for the creative industries – a large part of them at least. Mine was a copywriting agency, but it could equally have offered design, web development, branding, video production or any of the numerous professions that fall within the commercial creative agencies.

It’s been an education

I learned a lot along the way – about things as diverse as building a company culture, marketing and pricing. But I also learned some fundamental truths. One is that people work best when they’re happy and that most creative people are happy when left alone, free from critical scrutiny. Another is that to truly thrive, both personally and financially, you should put people before profit.

Most of all I learnt the value of community. I’ve got to know many owners of small creative agencies. They occupy a very crowded and competitive market place, yet I’m always struck by their willingness to share their wisdom and to help and support their ostensible competitors. It has always felt like a great world to be part of.

That feeling propelled me to create a new niche community for people like me. The owners and would-be owners of KitchenTable agencies.

If you’re one of those people and you share our values, we’d love to have you onboard. You’ll be in great company.

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