How It Works

What is The KitchenTable Community?

In a line, The KitchenTable Community is a place where KitchenTable agencies form, connect and thrive.

Let’s unpack that a bit.

What’s a KitchenTable agency?

Simple, it’s a small creative agency that usually has no staff – apart from the owners – and no premises, and instead employs remote working freelancers.

Your agency might offer design, development, marketing, content or any of the specialisms that fall within the commercial creative industries.

Of course, you don’t have to run a KitchenTable agency from your kitchen table. You could equally well run it from your back bedroom, garden shed, your favourite cafe or a co-working space.

Who is the Community for?

The community is designed for two sets of people:

  • The first is existing KitchenTable agency owners who’d like to be part of something bigger
  • The second is people who aspire to owning an agency but need help and inspiration to do it

What do members get?

If you’re a Full member of the Community you get four things:

  • Useful content on how to run a successful KitchenTable agency including our online course.
  • Opportunities to find find collaboration partners via our directory and project board
  • Money saving deals on products and services that can help your agency prospers
  • Being part of a mutually-supportive community with high professional and ethical standards

What are the membership levels and who are they aimed at?

There are four membership levels:

  • Associate Member (free). For the undecided or simply curious.
  • Course Only (one-off fee). For aspiring agency owners who are not yet ready to become Full members.
  • Course +3 Months (one-off fee). For aspiring agency owners who want to give Full membership a three-month trial.
  • Full Member (monthly fee). For ambitious agency owners who want to kick on and grow their businesses.

Click here for more details of our membership packages.

How can I join?

We don’t just let anyone join The KitchenTable Community. To be a member you have to buy into our values and standards. We’re not just a marketplace and we’re certainly not a freelancers marketplace. Rather we’re a place where small, high-quality agencies form, connect and thrive. If you aspire to build something great and to be part of a warm, supportive family, we’d love to have you onboard.

Just sign up here.

Please note that to be a full member you need to have an agency. It doesn’t matter if it’s only a one-man band for now – as long as it’s branded as an agency and you have aspirations to grow and be part of the community, you can join.

If you don’t already have an agency it’s best if you sign up to our Course Only or Course +3 months packages. You can take our course, so you learn the basics of having an agency. Then, once you have your agency, you can become a full member of the community and enjoy all of its benefits.

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