The Big Picture

The world needs more KitchenTable agencies

Whether you already own an KitchenTable agency or you aspire to owning one there are plenty of reasons to join the KitchenTable Community. But let’s go beyond your own immediate needs. Let’s look at the big picture.

There are three reasons why KitchenTable agencies are the future.

1. Quality of work

KitchenTable agencies are sometimes perceived as a cheap and cheerful alternative to conventional ‘bricks and mortar’ agencies. They tend to be less expensive and so, it’s thought, they’re not up to the same standard.

It’s an understandable prejudice, but it’s also wrong. The reason is simple: people do their best work when they’re happiest and most are happiest when they’re left alone.

For remote-working freelancers, who are the backbone of most KitchenTable agencies, that freedom is essential to the quality of their work. Put them in an office and that quality often suffers, because they’re less happy.

This equation particularly applies to working parents, who have to build their working lives around their children.

2. The world of work is changing

Technology has made remote working easy. It was also created a more profound shift – a breaking down of the barriers between work, home and leisure. Young people in particular often no longer delineate those three realms in the way that their parents might have. KitchenTable agencies are a natural fit with their aspirations

3. The environment

Finally, and most importantly, the climate emergency needs that we all need to commute less.


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We are building a community that champions the marriage of the new and the old. A new mode of working, that puts freedom and flexibility to the fore and old fashioned community values of fairness, mutual respect and helping our neighbours.

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