November 30, 2021  Podcasts

Episode 12: Going it alone – how to thrive in self-employment – featuring Sarah Townsend

Before you give up your day job listen to this Like most creative people, you're probably not very business-savvy. But if you're planning to go it alone, either by starting your own micro agency or by ...

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May 21, 2021  Podcasts

Mastercast Episode 8: Making social media work for you – featuring Jerin Michael (Full Members only)

Social media can be an extremely powerful tool in helping brands to connect with their audiences. But if you don’t know your hashtags from your hash browns, marketing through social platforms can be a frustrating ...

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April 01, 2021  Podcasts

Episode 11: The Rebel Alliance – How small agencies can take on the big players and win – featuring Richard Coope

It's time to take on the Death Star The marketing space is dominated by a Galactic Empire of costly agencies. Our latest Kitchen Table Community Podcast guest, Richard Coope, believes that creatives and kitchen table agencies ...

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February 11, 2021  Podcasts

Episode 10: Why the future belongs to the networked freelancer – featuring Matthew Mottola

Hey, you, get on to my cloud! It's time to dust off the crystal ball and look in to the future – the not too distant future. And it's good news, because, according to our guest ...

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January 26, 2021  Podcasts

Mastercast Episode 7: Contracts made easy(ish) – featuring John Haggis (Full Members only)

Master the basics of contract law for agencies Mention contracts and many agency owners will run for the hills. The fact is the subject can be as scary as it is bewildering. But it's also one ...

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December 09, 2020  Podcasts

Episode 9: Setting up your agency: getting the legal basics right – featuring John Haggis

    Finally, a lawyer you can understand If you're just starting out on your agency journey, the legal aspects of company ownership can be bewildering – especially when so many of the resources available to us are ...

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