November 25, 2020  Podcasts

Mastercast Episode 6: How to write prospecting emails – feat. Ryan Welmans (Full Members only)

This man will help you land new clients If you’re anything like me, you'll find the prospect of cold emailing prospective clients about as alluring as an ice bath. No matter how much we believe in ...

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November 17, 2020  Podcasts

Episode 8: 10 Steps that will make or break your email prospecting campaign – featuring Ryan Welmans

Clueless about email marketing? Then don't miss this Many people who run small agencies find the business of generating and engaging new leads inherently awkward. No matter how much we believe in our value proposition, we ...

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October 15, 2020  Podcasts

Mastercast Episode 5: A crash course in PR – feat. Helen Trevorrow (Full Members only)

How to attract the media lens Getting your agency (and your clients) noticed by an ever-evolving media can seem like a huge challenge. But, if you get it right, you can put yourself on a fast ...

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October 09, 2020  Podcasts

Episode 7: Strategically downsizing your agency – featuring Helen Trevorrow

From bricks and mortar to kitchen table The Covid era has changed the way in which many of us work and run our businesses. But for Helen Trevorrow, 2020 has been business as usual. A twenty-plus ...

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September 10, 2020  Podcasts

Episode 6: Learning from an old hand – featuring Karl Heasman

Tap in to the wisdom of a real pro If you're at the start of your agency journey, you probably need all the advice you can get. And some of the most valuable advice will come ...

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August 13, 2020  Podcasts

Episode 5: The agency owner’s inner journey – featuring Tom Nixon

Get ready to explore your motivation When you set up your own agency, you tend to concentrate on what you want to do, rather than why you want to do it. And if you do ask 'Why?' ...

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