Episode 10: Why the future belongs to the networked freelancer – featuring Matthew Mottola



Hey, you, get on to my cloud!

It’s time to dust off the crystal ball and look in to the future – the not too distant future. And it’s good news, because, according to our guest in this latest KitchenTable Community Podcast, kitchen table agencies and networked freelancers are the inevitable solution to the changing face of business. 

Who is this wise sage? He’s Matthew Mottola, author of  the recently published book The Human Cloud: How Today’s Changemakers Use Artificial Intelligence and the Human Cloud to Transform Work. A former freelancer himself, Matthew is the co-founder and CEO of software platform Venture L, which is designed to enable freelance collaboration. 

Matthew has some fascinating insights to share based on his experience with big business. He makes a convincing case that industry trends (hastened by COVID-19) are likely to create great opportunities for the likes of us. 

Whether you’re a freelancer who struggles with scalability, or a kitchen table agency owner who wants to better understand the needs of their clients, this is an episode you can’t afford to miss.

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Duration: 38:26


February 11, 2021 by John Ashton   Categories: Podcasts