Episode 11: The Rebel Alliance – How small agencies can take on the big players and win – featuring Richard Coope



It’s time to take on the Death Star

The marketing space is dominated by a Galactic Empire of costly agencies. Our latest Kitchen Table Community Podcast guest, Richard Coope, believes that creatives and kitchen table agencies need to form a Rebel Alliance to beat them at their own game. 

A former tri-media producer for the BBC, Richard is the founder of strategy agency Brightful. He is also co-founder of Winchester Creatives, a social enterprise dedicated to helping young people to get a head start in the creative industries and offset the tide of unemployment in the under-25s. 

In this episode, he explains why the larger agencies that dominate the marketing space are losing their advantage in the post-pandemic era, and how smaller agencies can – and should – band together to claim their fair share of the market.  

Richard has some wonderful insights on how to pitch to high-value clients, creating a culture of collaboration that yields great work, and why freelance creatives are like free range hens. 

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Duration: 46:22


April 01, 2021 by John Ashton   Categories: Podcasts