Episode 9: Setting up your agency: getting the legal basics right – featuring John Haggis





Finally, a lawyer you can understand

If you’re just starting out on your agency journey, the legal aspects of company ownership can be bewildering – especially when so many of the resources available to us are written in incomprehensibly complicated legalese. 

Luckily for you, in this episode of The Kitchen Table Community Podcast, we’re joined by lawyer John Haggis of Kepler Wolf Solicitors.


John specialises in working with agencies and other creatives businesses. Via the miracle of Zoom, he addresses a number of key issues that face agency owners, including:

  • deciding the right legal entity for your business
  • ensuring that your corporate structure and contracts are future-proofed
  • getting the right insurance
  • choosing professional service providers who know your industry
  • how to bill clients for your and their mutual benefit.

He also shares some inside information on his latest legal endeavour — a resource that will be invaluable for agency owners.

Best of all, he speaks in plain English without a hint of baffling jargon.

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Duration: 46:10


December 09, 2020 by John Ashton   Categories: Podcasts