The Backstory

A word from our founder John Ashton

A few times a week I have the same conversation with the marketing managers and business owners. They complain that they struggle to source creative talent for jobs like website build, brochure design, promotional videos and marketing campaigns. They lack the budget to hire regular agencies and lack the time to source freelancers.

I tell them that I have the ideal solution and their eyes light up. It’s not rocket science, I explain. Rather it’s a halfway house between unaffordable bricks and mortar agencies and unmanageable freelancers.

Small really is beautiful

Some call it a micro agency, I call it a kitchen table agency. And I’ve been running one since 2012.


We don’t have expensive offices and we employ a network of loyal and valued freelancers. It keeps overheads to a minimum and means we’re ultra-flexible. And that makes us very attractive to clients.

Mine is a copywriting agency, but the same model can – and does – work for all kinds of creative businesses. In recent years thousands of such agencies have sprung up, covering everything from app development to video production, branding to social media marketing.

We’ve seen the future and it works

The Covid lockdown has accelerated the trend, as freelancers and staffers alike have made the leap to become business owners.

Over the years I’ve got to know many such agency owners. I’m always struck by their commitment, not only to doing great work, but to being great to work with.

It was this that inspired me to establish The KitchenTable Community. It’s a space in which small, like-minded agencies can form, connect a thrive.

And it’s a place where you can find the creative support that you need.

Why not give it a go? Click here.