Five CTAs that might come in handy


Struggle with calls to action? Then read this

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They’re possibly the most important text on your agency’s website. Those few words at the bottom of the page that invite potential clients to get in touch. Known as calls to action (CTAs), when done right they can set your phones ringing and swell your inbox. When done badly – or, worse, not done at all – they can be a serious brake on your success.

So what makes a good CTA?

Of course it has to be visible and easily enacted – it’s self defeating to have one that’s in tiny font over on the left of the screen, or one that omits your contact details.

Crucially, it also has to align with your company’s tone of voice. There’s no point in seducing your audience with a tonally perfect page of copy if the CTA bursts in like a gatecrasher to spoil the party at the end.

Five off-the-shelf CTAs just for you

If you struggle with this type of thing, here’s a tonally diverse range of CTAs created just for you. Feel free to take one for your business – consider it a gift from The KitchenTable Community.

Bold: Find out more – call us now on….

Professional: To learn more about our services, call us now on…

Warm: If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, then call us now on…. We’d love to hear from you.

Cute:  Think we can help you? So does our labradoodle Elvis. Call him now on… And, if he doesn’t answer, one of his human colleagues will.

Cheeky: Finally a question: Are you mad? Thought not. Then call us now on …..

It would be perverse not to end this piece with a CTA so, here goes.

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