How to write prospecting emails – Our next Mastercast launches soon


Learn from a master how to write prospecting emails

Our next Full Members only Mastercast launches this week and it’s one that I’m especially excited about. It features Ryan Welmans co-founder of the multi-award winning prospecting agency SoPro, who also featured in our last public podcast.

I used to be very sceptical about email prospecting. I had a go at it for my agency Write Arm and didn’t land a single lead. A few years later I took a punt on SoPro and the results were incredible. Within 12 months we’d doubled turnover and I almost had more leads than I could handle.

If you don’t have the budget to hire a prospecting agency, then you really should find time to try it yourself. Ryan explains exactly how you should do it. I promise you it’s fascinating stuff and much of it is counter-intuitive.

To accompany the programme we’ll be releasing to our Full Members the SoPro email sequence that worked wonders for Write Arm. You can adapt it for your own agency and watch your leads skyrocket.

Who says The KTC doesn’t give you bang for your buck!


November 24, 2020 by John Ashton   Categories: Uncategorised