Mastercast Episode 7: Contracts made easy(ish) – featuring John Haggis (Full Members only)



Master the basics of contract law for agencies

Mention contracts and many agency owners will run for the hills. The fact is the subject can be as scary as it is bewildering. But it’s also one that you ignore at your peril.

We may agonise over our contracts are fit for purpose – whether they assure a fair deal for our clients, the freelancers we use, and ourselves. And we might feel nervous about seeking legal services because we fear that lawyers won’t understand our sector, or will charge us a fortune just to answer the phone. 

Fortunately, in this Full Members only Mastercast we’re joined by the brilliant solicitor John Haggis, who specialises in the working with agencies and their clients. He not only knows his stuff, but he also speaks in refreshingly plain English.

John tells us all about where contracts can go awry, what you absolutely should and shouldn’t have in yours, and much, much more. Surprisingly, a lot of what he says should be music to your ears.

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Duration: 50:30



January 26, 2021 by John Ashton   Categories: Podcasts