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The KitchenTable Method

The Kitchen Table Method Book

If you’d like to start your own creative agency, but don’t know how, then The KitchenTable Method is a must-read.  Breathlessly honest and recklessly irreverent, it’s a down and dirty guerrilla guide by someone who has been there and done it.

The book is handily divided into four sections or ‘Legs’, which, equally handily, all begin with C.

Leg 1 – Culture explains how building your agency around positive values is fundamental to its success.

Leg 2 – Clients tells you how to position your agency and how to win and retain quality clients.

Leg 3 – Collaborators shows you how to nurture and manage your freelance employees

Leg 4 – Cash sets out the fundamentals of financial good health.

Whether you’re a designer, a marketer, a developer, a copywriter, a video maker, an illustrator or a photographer, The KitchenTable Method, gives you the blueprint you need to grow a successful agency from your kitchen table. Order a copy now, or sign up to one of our membership packages and get one free.

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