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What our members say:

The KitchenTable Community has been a saving grace for our start up agency. No doubt without the KTC support network we wouldn’t have gained the insight to be where we are today. The Community is super helpful and always onboard to answer any questions and share their experience within the industry. For a start up agency like ours, it has been our lifeblood resource because it has saved us many hours of extensive research and pitfalls – we would highly recommend it.

Rikesh Patel – Founder, We the Seeds Creative

I am really excited about being a member of The KitchenTable Community. I enjoy all our meetings and webinars, where we share lessons and fins inspiration and motivation. All the people I met there have been immensely generous in offering help and tips. It is a great opportunity for me to gain valuable insights. And the atmosphere is always fun! Thank you!

Evgenia Profi – Founder, The Writing Atelier

KitchenTable Community membership is an essential requirement for any creative nomad looking to not only survive but to thrive. Being a small agency owner doesn’t have to be lonely. Joining the KTC community gave me access to a wide range of peers and their expertise. Helping me to avoid silly mistakes, to see opportunities and to enjoy the experience of growing a small creative agency.

Leo Earl – Founder, LEON ! Animations


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