TalentDesk.io – Freelancer management made easy


If, like most KitchenTable agency owners, you’re running a disparate team of freelancers, you’ll need an efficient system for managing them.

Of the various software solutions on the market, one stands as being particularly well suited to KitchenTable agencies. TalentDesk.io is an intuitive, easy-to-use freelancer management system that allows you to onboard, manage and pay your freelancer through a single, user-friendly platform.

Developed by PeoplePerHour, the platform is backed by a company best placed to understand what the freelance economy needs. The system will save you time, boost productivity and increase efficiency by providing you with a tool to onboard freelancers, simplify project management, automate payments and consolidate multiple invoices into a monthly one.

With a comprehensive dashboard, TalentDesk.io puts all your systems in one place and offers you a 360-degree view of every project.

Find out more about TalentDesk.io here. If you’re a Full Member of the KitchenTable Community you get 25% off your Talent.Desk.io subscription.